Saturday, 1 July 2017

Artist in residence at Wales Arts Review

It's the 1st July which means my month-long residency at Wales Arts Review has begun!

I'll upload all the links to this one post so as not to have a bazillion separate posts on the blog throughout the month.

The work I'm producing for the residency explores issues of home, travel, migration and the refugee crisis. I'll also be sharing snippets from a WIP that explores the refugee crises in 2016 and 1938.

You can read all about it in my intro to the residency.

Some of the pieces will feature illustrations by Robert Griggs and Johnny Davies.

The intro

Two poems: Arch, and Endings

The Fur Collar (this is a segment from my longer WIP)

The Dress (short story

Train, with original illustration by Johnny Davies

Homecoming, with original illustration by Robert Griggs

At the border (this is a segment from my longer WIP)

At Yarls Wood (this is a segment from my longer WIP)

In conversation with Women for Refugee Women

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