Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Book Diary 2017

It's here!

A brand new book diary for 2017. How exciting!

You can read 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2012 too.

So, what are we starting with?

Tribute to Freud, H.D (new): everyone knows how much I love H.D and this tribute is no exception. Her imagist prose is so beautifully precise.

Been dipping into lots of Martha Gellhorn's journalism.

Nights at the Circus, Angela Carter (re read): I lost all my Angela Carters in the move. So I've re-bought some and my god this is ecstatic writing. And the feminist and class politics! Love it.

The Magic Toyshop, Angela Carter (re read): I can't believe I read this when I was 13!

Wise Children, Angela Carter (re read): It's wonderful. What a joy it is to dance and sing!

The Gate of Angels, Penelope Fitzgerald (new): My friend Caroline urged me to read Fitzgerald and I am sure to be reading more of her...

On Photography, Susan Sontag (new): Oh my goodness she is expanding my mind! What a brain she has! What wisdom! What insight!

Miss Buncle's Book, D E Stephenson (new): the delights you expect from a Persephone book

Nightwood, Djuna Barnes (re read): It was overdue. I love this book.

Heartthrobs: A history of women and desire, Carol Dyhouse (new): I read this feast of a book in one sitting. Lots to think about re constructions of female desire, archetypes and stereotypes

Dodge and Burn, Seraphina Madsen (new): this is a very strange, very uncanny book with a lot of layers of reality and shifting realities. Intriguing.

Suite for Barbara Loden, Nathalie Leger, trans Natasha Lehrer and Cecile Menon (re read): I re read this for my Unsung Letter contribution and it really is as extraordinary as I remembered.

Point of No Return, Martha Gellhorn (new): Gellhorn brings her journalistic experience of the front line to this devastating novel about a young soldier's experience of the end of the war. I love her.

First Love, Gwendoline Riley (new): I read this, enthralled, in one sitting. 

Justine and Balthazar from the Alexandria Quartet, Lawrence Durrell (new): I told a friend I needed a good meaty novel and this quartet was the suggestion. I have many thoughts! Chiefly on how Justine is constructed through the male gaze. 'Pure as a theorem' - what a line. Taking a break before reading the last two.

Frederica, Georgette Heyer (new): Oh this one is going up the list to one of my faves.

Under the net, Iris Murdoch (new): I started this last night and oh my what was I doing waiting 32 years to read her. This is fabulous, what style she has!

When I hit you, Meena Kandasamy (new): this is one of the best books ever written about domestic abuse, and every single woman and man needs to read it.

Birdcage Walk, Helen Dunmore (new): Dunmore's new novel is pitch perfect, about women's freedom and male violence and revolution. It is stunning and it made me cry.

Northanger Abbey, Jane Austen (re read): it's so funny, every time.

Persuasion, Jane Austen (re read): everyone who knows Austen knows it doesn't get better than this.

Book of Mutter, Kate Zambreno (new): this is a hard book, a vital book, a rich book. Very intense and difficult and it will stay with me and haunt me for a while.

The Things I Would Tell You, ed Sabrina Mahfouz (new): reviewing this for OD 50:50, it's brilliant! And so so needed.

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