Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Since 1st Jan 2012, Channel 4 News has reported the deaths of 4 women as a result of intimate partner violence, otherwise known as domestic violence. Another woman's body has also been found although it is believed she was murdered last year.

That's more than one woman a day since 2011.

The news seems to be preoccupied with the fact that one of the women's bodies was found on the Queen's land. The BBC had the Countryside Alliance on to talk about why people should be allowed guns.

The news has yet to report on how these murders are all part of the huge problem of violence against women and girls and misogyny.

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Don't hold your breath Sian because malestream media refuses to see the truth even when it is staring them in their male faces! Malestream media promotes the lie that each and every time a male commits femicide the case is an isolated one or else it is a 'family tragedy!' Plus the male perpetrator is always portrayed as 'that nice respectable family man and I don't know how this could have occurred in such a nice respectable neighbourhood!'

Then there's this case wherein a teen boy has been charged with abducting and murdering a young woman. Doubtless we will learn the teen boy had a sexual relationship with the young woman and he couldn't endure fact young woman ended relationship with him. After all women are men's sexual property are they not? Male violence against women? What violence - it doesn't happen does it?

christine GMD said...

Feminicides (private, collective, public, etc.) are world pandemy. To stop it, law prohibition of femicides...